The Official Website of Dre Garcia, tattoo artist

This is just a place to see some work, and also to contact the artist for future appointments to get the tattoo you've always wanted!


Dre Garcia is the Owner and an artist at State of Art Tattoo studio, Tucson, Arizona.

Black and Grey

The most common style of art that Dre works with is black and grey.  Whether you want realism, new school, fractal, traditional, or anything in between!


Although he'll be the first to tell you that this isn't his strength, Dre has won multiple awards and even a few magazine placements for his color tattoos.


Over the years Dre has received the most attention for his keen ability to design coverups the truly make the old tattoo seemingly vanish.  He also repairs and revitalizes old pieces as well.


Wolf in the Woods

Death to Decaf

Light House

Memorial Portrait

Dre's Page

First Entry!

Hi Everyone! Hello! My name is Andre Garcia, better known as Dre.  This is my first ever blog, like, ever... lol.  So don't mind if it stinks.  My buddy told me I needed a…

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You can stop by the shop or visit any of Dre's social media pages... twitter, Instagram, even pinterest! Links on the bottom, but also know his screenname is @DreGarciaTat2 on everything!